Passion...Where Great Leadership Begins

Investor’s Impact grew out of George’s desire to give his young daughter firsthand knowledge of those who live in despair, not necessarily around the world but around the corner. In doing so he gained a deep understanding that great opportunity for better stewardship exists at the intersection of investing and giving.

As accomplished business professionals with nothing to prove, we focus cleanly on impact - with a shared purpose of creating better connectivity between capitalism and philanthropy. Our team shares a common desire, to make a unique contribution that will outlast their time here on earth. As individuals they have prepared for this effort their entire lives. As a team they believe they have found unique purpose through Investor’s Impact.

George Terlizzi

Chief Executive Officer

George has worked in business for more than twenty years as an entrepreneur, consultant, dealmaker, and executive for early and mid-­stage companies. He has substantial concentrations in finance, technology, consulting and corporate transactions. George has worked to build new companies, grow existing businesses, form strategic relationships and most often puts energy to new ways of doing things.

George dropped out of Northwestern University to found his first technology business, which grew under his leadership to more than $30M in revenue and was acquired by a public company. After effectuating the sale of the company, George served as a senior executive in the new firm where revenues exceeded $100M.

Later George worked in mergers and acquisitions acting as an intermediary in the sale of mid-market businesses, while also serving as a trusted advisor to business leaders attempting to grow, fund and eventually exit their businesses.

Today George serves as CEO of SouthPark Capital, a private wealth advisory firm located in Charlotte, North Carolina. SouthPark Capital advises individuals and families with respect to wealth management, specifically practicing the Endowment Model of investing, bringing the finest in institutional wealth management concepts to ordinary investors.

George’s insatiable curiosity, action oriented approach, and broad ranging interests are invaluable to those he advises and leads. Clients often remark on the relevance of his real world, first person experience and the unique insights he brings to their financial puzzles. George makes his home in Charlotte, NC, with his wife Robin, their daughter Sarah, and Lucy Cupcake, their Golden Retriever

Iain Brackstone

Managing Director


Iain is responsible for offering donor advisory services throughout the State of Georgia. In this capacity he works with non-profit organizations, Endowments and Charities, assisting their benefactors and donors with implementing strategies that stream consistent, stable donations in which enable Charitable groups strategize with a more reliable budgeting plan.

Prior to his current role as Wealth Manager to affluent families, Iain served in a number of senior management roles, working primarily with professional advisors to non-profit organizations as well as institutional and ultra-high net worth investors interested in structuring benefactor endowment programs. As Senior Vice President within these international financial service companies, Iain forged very strong relationship within the global investment and insurance community that remain active to this day.

At present, Iain’s primary role is Vice President of Kalos Financial, Inc. managing the company’s retail clients’ investment portfolios and risk management needs. Since assuming this position he initiated the acquisition of an affiliated advisory firm, resulting in growing Kalos’ Private Wealth Group two fold. The firm is well positioned to offer its clients a comprehensive suite of financial planning services and products.

Beginning his career in the investment industry in 1992, Iain graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Maryville College located in Tennessee. Much of his experience to date has been in international finance, based in both Bermuda and the United States. Iain relocated to Atlanta in 2007 where he continues to be headquartered within the Kalos Financial offices.

Janet Correll

Managing Director


Janet leads our Business Development effort, building relationships with our non-profit partners, equipping their fundraising and leadership teams to begin a new investment-centric giving conversation within their donor community.

Janet comes to finance from a long career in retail management, marketing, community leadership and entrepreneurship. Throughout more than thirty years in business, Janet has distinguished herself as a thought leader in client service, consistently finding ways to deliver more than promised ahead of schedule. Janet’s approachable, down-to-earth demeanor arises from her experiences growing up in an Indiana farming community where one’s word truly served as their bond.

Having held positions of substantial responsibility for the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue and Brooks Brothers, as well as numerous community centered and entrepreneurial roles, she finds her varied and diverse background an asset in responding to any request for help and truly puts her personal integrity into each and every task she handles. In her role as Managing Director, Janet forms relationships with our valued Clients, assisting them in executing every aspect of their financial goals.

Janet’s family provides personal-life experience with retirement needs, assisting her late-80’s parents as they navigate Medicare and all aspects of financial planning. Having lived in Charlotte for over 20 years, Janet takes great pride and joy in her three adult children and their English Setter, Lily.

Steve Grubner

Managing Director


Steve leads our donor advisory services throughout the Carolinas. In this capacity Steve works directly with donor families and family offices to create a customized portfolio and automatic distribution plan that meets their giving aims in order to achieve better stewardship.

Steve has been in executive level management positions for more than thirty years, working primarily in small to midsize private and public companies. His positions have ranged from Vice President of Sales in a technology company, to Chief Financial Officer of a public biotechnology company, to Chief Executive Officer of a public health and wellness company.

After selling his $30M technology business in 1996 to a public company he remained with the acquiring firm until 1999 as Vice President and General Counsel. Since that time, Steve has worked in the private and public equity markets, raising capital for technology, biotech and software companies.

As a result of his wide-ranging experience, Steve has been called upon to serve in senior management posts performing mission-critical assignments including the legal execution of public SEC filings, vendor contract negotiations and internal employee agreements for key management personnel. Steve received a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan and a JD from the John Marshall Law School.

Steve’s career in business and his extensive capital markets background provide valuable insights as he advises clients seeking to protect and grow their life savings. People often remark on his easygoing personal style, which helps him relate easily to individuals from all walks of life.

Steve relocated to Charlotte from Chicago and has great interest in all things health and wellness, especially those things that keep him feeling young!

Mike Haffling

Managing Director


Mike is based in the Chicagoland area and leads our advisory services throughout the Midwest. In this capacity Mike works with partner non-profit organizations to design planned giving outreach programs intended to take advantage of the Investor’s Impact platform for automated giving from investment cash flows. Mike also helps donor families and family offices create customized portfolios and automatic distribution plans that meets their giving aims in order to achieve better stewardship.

Mike is also the President and Founder of Verus Capital Management, an Endowment Model focused wealth advisory firm located in the Chicagoland area. A lifelong Chicago area resident, Mike began his career in the financial services industry over a decade ago. He has always worked as an Independent Financial Advisor and Fiduciary, serving his clients with a comprehensive approach to retirement planning.

Mike served in the United States Marine Corps, graduated from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign and piloted Airbus aircraft for an airline based in Denver Colorado. Mike has lived in Chicagoland his entire life. He and his wife, Amy have two active sons and recently added a beautiful baby girl to their family.

Kalos Financial Relationship

Through our relationship with Kalos Financial, the Investor’s Impact Team has full access to the Kalos family of companies, founded by renowned Endowment Model expert Daniel Wildermuth. Through this relationship the team at Kalos provides an operating platform unique in it’s independent thinking and cutting edge application of Endowment Model theory.